At Psymed Solutions we provide compassionate, essential healthcare for our patients to improve the quality of life and restore functionality, ensuring balance within both the mind and body.

We are committed to providing exceptional care in an environment that fosters trust and healing, and that strives for recovery. Through education, advocacy, activism, and support we aim to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness. We are dedicated to assisting our patients in living a healthy, balanced and productive life to achieve their aspirations.

Psymed Solutions is an experienced provider of psychiatric and general medical care with locations in Plano, Greenville and Fort Worth, Texas. The private practice aims to treat the whole person and has been serving both adolescent and adult patients since 2007.

The team’s specialties include family medicine and psychiatric treatment.
For family medicine, this includes:
  • Annual physicals and wellness visits
  • Sick visits
  • Immunizations
  • Medication Injections
The psychiatric care plans are designed to treat:
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Addiction
  • Mood disorders
  • Substance dependence
  • Suboxone

By offering all of these services under one roof, Psymed Solutions serves its patients holistically. Because these
health needs often go hand-in-hand, an integrated approach allows for effective treatment of co-occurring issues.
Please note: all bloodwork will be referred out to a laboratory of the patient’s choice. 

Living with a psychiatric disorder can make caring for your physical health more difficult. Simple day-to-day tasks seem to require more effort. With the proper treatment and care, Psymed Solutions helps patients live happier, healthier lives.
Psymed Solutions helps their patients get well now!
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What Our Patients are Saying…
Chaithanya K.
Submitted 10/13/2022

Dr. Satish Narayan treated me very well. I was suffering from Hypomania. Some say it was a panic attack, others say Post Traumatic Disorder. But what I was actually going through is understood by him (Satish Narayan). The staff is very friendly and disciplined.