Psychiatric disorders can be complex, and living with one can make dealing with emotions and everyday life difficult. It’s important to be evaluated and treated by a professional who’s experienced in psychiatry and well-versed in helping men and women with psychiatric disorders manage their lives and symptoms. The team of psychiatric professionals at Psymed Solutions helps adults and adolescents in Plano, Greenville, and Forth Worth, Texas feel like themselves again through treatment and medication management.

Psychiatric Evaluation Q & A

What is a psychiatric evaluation and when is it recommended?

A psychiatric evaluation is a chance for your Psymed Solutions doctor to check on your mental health. If you feel like you need some help in this area or have a loved one who you feel may need help with their mental health, requesting a psychiatric evaluation is a good place to start.

The evaluation is mostly comprised of questions and may also include a physical examination and lab tests such as blood or urine tests. Psymed Solutions health professionals are trained to take note of how you are able to think, reason, and remember and also lookout for signs of your mood and how you get along with others. The goal is to get an overall picture of your mental health and check to see if a psychiatric disorder, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, or mood disorders, may be affecting your life.

Psymed Solutions doctors always keep the results of psychiatric evaluations confidential. As a result of the evaluation, they can help recommend a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Whether you know for sure that you experience a psychiatric condition or are wondering if you might, a psychiatric evaluation is an important part of your treatment plan.

The Psymed Solutions psychiatric team can treat:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Addiction
  • Mood disorders

There are other psychiatric illnesses that doctors at the private practice treat as well. If you have questions about specific psychiatric conditions, contact Psymed Solutions to discuss the treatment process in depth.

As part of the treatment and care process, Psymed Solutions health care professionals prescribe psychiatric medications and assist patients with medication management as needed. The practice provides medication for the following conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Substance abuse
  • ADHD

Psymed Solutions uses holistic practices to treat patients with psychiatric conditions. Some conditions require medications, and others don’t. The best way to learn about how an issue might be treated for you is to schedule an appointment. The doctors at Psymed Solutions can help you assess if medication is required in your case, and can help build medication management into your treatment plan.

What Our Patients are Saying…
Chaithanya K.
Submitted 10/13/2022

Dr. Satish Narayan treated me very well. I was suffering from Hypomania. Some say it was a panic attack, others say Post Traumatic Disorder. But what I was actually going through is understood by him (Satish Narayan). The staff is very friendly and disciplined.