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Addiction Specialist

Psymed Solutions

Integrated Psychiatric and Family Medicine Practice located in Plano, TX, Greenville, TX & Fort Worth, TX

Addiction is a disease and should be treated accordingly. With the proper treatment and care, addiction can be managed so that the men and women who struggle with it can return to their productive lives. At Psymed Solutions, the team of skilled health care professionals treats addiction with plans customized to the individual. If you struggle with addiction and are in the Plano, Greenville, and Forth Worth, Texas areas, the private practice is here to help.

Addiction Q & A

How is addiction treated?

Addiction is a complex disease, and often requires multiple therapies and treatments to confront its effects. At Psymed Solutions & Aesthetics, the health care professionals help patients to develop treatment plans that work best for them. And because the team offers an integrated approach, addiction can also be handled alongside co-occurring issues through the practice’s medical and psychiatric services. Whether you’re struggling with substance abuse or alcoholism, addiction shouldn’t be dealt with alone. The treatments Psymed Solutions & Aesthetics offers are meant to get patients back on their feet faster. The practice offers medication-assisted therapy (Suboxone therapy) in addition to more traditional treatment programs.

How does Suboxone therapy work?

Suboxone is used to treat opiate addiction, and the medical field has been seeing an increase in the use of Suboxone recently as it has been shown to produce results. It works by delivering a very small amount of opioids to a patient addicted to a much stronger version of the drug. Since going cold-turkey is extremely difficult and can be painful, Suboxone offers a way for patients to slowly wean off their addiction without experiencing withdrawal effects in a profound way. At Psymed Solutions & Aesthetics, the health care team finds that Suboxone can be a good first step in the treatment of an opioid addiction.

What types of addiction are treated?

The Psymed Solutions & Aesthetics team works with both adults and adolescents struggling with substance abuse and/or alcoholism. The practice offers therapies and treatments for individuals addicted to depressants, stimulants, or opioids, as well as alcohol. Depending on the substance, treating addiction may be accompanied by a unique list of withdrawal symptoms, and your Psymed Solutions & Aesthetics health care professional understands how to pair treatments and therapies to your specific needs.

Whether you’re just beginning to seek treatment for addiction or are further along in the life-long journey of dealing with this disease, treatment options and support are available at Psymed Solutions & Aesthetics. The doctors are experienced at treating addiction, and value treatment plans that work with the patient’s lifestyle. Schedule an appointment today to begin a conversation about how to best how to best treat your addiction.